PEDRINI is known worldwide for having industrialized - first in the world - the cutting, polishing and side finishing technologies of standard elements named as "modulmarble". Loyal to its tradition, PEDRINI produces the most complete range of machines and lines for slabs and modular elements, able to solve the cutting, polishing, resining, finishing and handling problems. The great experience achieved with "modulmarble" has been improved by PEDRINI that in 1980 has applied it also to the granite field. With the technology for the mass-production of standard elements still known as "modulgranite", Pedrini created the fast cut with diamond discs. The result of the intense and continuous research by PEDRINI is a wide range of machines and lines for slabs and modular elements, gaining an important position on the market thanks to their great reliability and life in time, able to meet every cutting, polishing, resining, finishing and handling requirement. Gres Line is the line dedicated by Pedrini to the processing of porcelain gres. The special patented technologies enable Gres Line to achieve significant results: • Capacity of surface removal by 3,500,000 mm3/minute. • Reduction of the stress on tools and tiles. • High production speed. • Minimum consumption of energy and diamond tools.

GALDIAM, constituted in 1984, defines itself as a dinamic company, backed up by an experienced technical staff, attentiv towards sectorial progress, ready to provide a modern and automatised range of tools, which is, for the national and international market, a guarantee of quality.

Nuova Mondial Mec begun manufacturing the first models of Polishers for Marble and Granite: Pantera, Cicala, Gazzella, Lupessa. In the following years, the Company enlarged its production becoming a Worldwide Leader in the production of Stone Cutting and Polishing Equipment such as Radial and Jump Circular Saws for Masons ( i.e. wide range of Mini Manta, Manta Alluminium, Manta Ed 50 and Manta Ts), Step and Floor Polishers both for Soft and Hard Stones (i.e. Panda, Lupessa, koala, Gazzella, Puma and Pantera ), Stone Slab Saws (i.e. Manta Automatica, Manta Special, Manta Eco and Manta Poker ) a and Tampers and Cutters for Asphalts (i.e. Castoro, Canguro, Grillo )

Since 1979, the company SABA has been operating in the sector of the design and realisation of mechanical systems for the different manufacturing industries and it has imposed itself as a leader in the construction of systems for the treatment of the waste waters and the correspondent muds.

Since 1945 INCIMAR has been always at the top for quality and customer service, and for paying particular attention to the components for our machines and for the beauty and precision of the final works. Engraving machine produced by INCIMAR s.r.l. use the latest computer technologies and our control software, developed internally by INCIMAR, allow the user to be productive since the beginning and let the user create very easily tombstone and artistic works. INCIMAR engraving machines can be used for different works, for tombstones, where our machines has been used for big and important monuments around the world, to the artistic works for house forniture and for artistic monuments.

Tenax has been in business since 1956, producing mass polyesters, synthetic abrasives in magnesium and synthetic marble, granite abrasives for magnesium and polishers for marble, and diamond abrasives, cutting tools, abrasives, diamond with synthetic binder and epoxy resins.

The Socomac offers to the marble industry a complete range of solutions for each one of the delicate phases of the production process.

Nicolai Diamant has been manufacturing and selling diamond tools for natural stone and glass since 1980. A constant contact with machines manufacturing companies is for Nicolai Diamant a hint in the research of alternatives to satisfy more and more complex and various needs. The comparison with new realities is for Nicolai Diamant a further goal both for technical, human and personal knowledge aspect. After all, this is the most important challenge that has spurred us to find new solutions, and to set up tools with greate technical features for customer in constant development.